Birds in Panama

Birds in Panama

Birding in Cana, Darien National Park Ecoventures Travel take you on a hike from Cana to the nearest human settlement (a tiny indigenous village) which takes 2 days. This protection from the National Park and its Ranger Station at Cruzamono (a day hike from Cana) have preserved the habitat for endangered game species such as Great Curassow, Macaws, White lipped Peccary, Black headed Spider Monkey and Jaguar.

Canopy Hill in Soberania National Park The Canopy Tower is on top of Semaphore Hill, in a well preserved semideciduous tall forest in the of Soberanía National Park.From its roof you can see the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and the skyline of Panama City. At the base of the road up Semaphore Hill is Plantation Road, a good dirt road where you can walk through more than three miles of mature forest. A ten minute drive takes you to the gate of Pipeline Road which runs for 11 miles through wetter forests in the heart of Soberanía National Park. The Canopy Tower flat roof is a good place to watch the canopy. The floors below house 12 two-person bedrooms with large windows. Below the rooms, a mezzanine with more windows adds viewing opportunities of the lower levels of the forest canopy.

Sierra Llorona Lodge, birding reports. Over 213 species can be seen at the lodge's surroundings and Hummingbirds will give you a welcome as soon as you arrive. Every plant and every bird seem different from each other demonstrating the great biodiversity that Sierra Llorona offers. Every room has a balcony where you can sit at your hammock and admire the dazzling nature. Admire birds flying above the canopy of the forest at their comfortable terrace.

Panama Audubon Society Panama, a tropical country with a large variety of easily accessible habitats, is a great place for an introduction to tropical American birds. Typical neotropical families, like trogons, antbirds, and tanagers are well represented, some, like the tyrant flycatchers, by a hundred different species. There are about 950 bird species found in Panama, large, when you consider Panama is a relatively small country. Some 150 of these are migrants that are found here from September till April. It is not rare to see more than twenty different migrant warblers and vireos on a good morning on spring or fall migration, and that added to fifty or sixty resident species.

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