Chiriqui National Marine Park, Panama

Panama National park map Map of Chiriqui National Park, Panama

The Chiriqui National Marine Park covers 14,740 hectares of islands and sea off Panama’s western Pacific coast. Chiriqui National Marine Park was created in 1994, and includes the islands of Parida (inhabited) Paridita (inhabited) plus the uninhabited islands of Santa Catalina, Pulgoso, Gámez, Tintorera, Obispo, Obispone, Las Pargos, Ahogado, Icacos, Corral de Piedra, Bolaños, Berraco, Bolañitos, San José, Linarte, Salino, Sainitos, Iglesia Mayor, Carey Macho and Carey Hembra.

The Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park is 500 kilometers from Panama City. You reach it by travelling via the town of Pedregal Port, then 3 hours by boat to Paridas islands. There is an administrative office and a refuge, but few other facilities.

The park's stated aims are to preserve the ecosystems and maintain the flora and fauna diversity; and to encourage scientific activities for the conservation and protection of the area.

The islands are small hills of sedimentary rock that can reach 100 meters above sea level. The islands have a savannah-type tropical climate with an average temperature around 27º C and average annual rainfall between 2,000mm and 2,500mm. The rainfall allows humid tropical forest with trees like Maria (Calophyllum longifolium), oak, spiny cedar, Spanish cedar, and espave (Anacardium excelsum).

Reptiles and amphibians Marine turtles, in particular the leatherback and hawksbill, nest on the beaches in the park. The most common reptile is the green iguana especially on Bolaños Island, and the most common amphibian is the green-black frog.

Birds.The bare-throated tiger-heron and the yellow warbler can be found in the mangroves of Parida and Paridita Island. You will also find pale-vented pigeon, red-lored Amazon, brown-throated parakeet and the orange-chinned parakeet.

Mammals On the larger islands there are howler monkeys, raccoons and paca.

Fish. The coral reefs and marine meadows are the particular strength of this national park. In the coral reefs, which include coral Porites lobata and fire coral, are the home to fishes like the king angelfish, bicolor parrotfish, and white-tipped shark.

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